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NoHo Utility Box Beautification Program

We welcome all artists to submit concepts for utility boxes in North Hollywood. Utility boxes have become a city-wide museum of art featuring local artists from each neighborhood. Art programs transform what can often be a visually obtrusive piece of equipment into colorful and welcoming additions to any environment. These enhancements enforce neighborhood identity and pride as they welcome residents and visitors alike.

Directed by Levi Ponce

Partnered with LA City Councilmember Paul Krekorian and LA City Department of Cultural Affairs


Participating artists will be compensated $600 for their work and materials.

Submission Deadline is: end of day, September 18, 2020.

Application Package

Click to Download:

Utility Box Locations/Map

Sampling of NoHo locations subject to change pending approval by the City of L.A. Department of Transportation.

1.  Vineland Blvd / Burbank Blvd

2. Lankershim Blvd / Burbank Blvd N/W 

3. Chandler Blvd / Cahuenga Blvd on bike path/utility pole (north side)

4. Magnolia Blvd / Blakeslee Blvd

5. Lankershim / Hatteras  N/W side

6. Lankershim Blvd / Hatteras Blvd N/E side

7. Vineland Blvd / Hesby Blvd N/E corner


8. Lankershim Blvd / Camarillo Blvd S/W corner

9. Lankershim Blvd / 134 Fwy off ramp east side Lankershim Blvd

10. Magnolia Blvd / Vineland Blvd S/W side

11. Magnolia Blvd / Riverton Blvd

12. Lankershim Blvd / Acadamy Way N/E Corner by CD2

13. Cumston Blvd / Lankershim Bl 


14. Bakman Ave / Magnolia Bl 

15. Lankershim Blvd / Otsego Blvd

box 1.jpg

Utility Box Art Samples

Victoria Cruz

Tori Lin

Daniel Savage

martinez 1.jpg

Jule Saust

Jose Loza

Steve Martinez

Ann Bridges

Jose Loza

Mona Carson

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